About Us

Mamlkah.com, the first e-commerce site in Oman for construction and contracting, we offer electronic purchase solutions for buyers (builders, small and medium enterprises, companies, and institutions below), people who build houses and apartments in the construction, infrastructure and industry sectors Industrialization and small and medium-sized enterprises by linking them to wholesalers and manufacturers. Mamlkah.com is a technology-driven platform with products listed on the site.

As a trade market, our basic methodology is (best price, fast time delivery, high quality materials). Mamlkah.com assists buyers and suppliers of operations by providing technology to enable management of demand, procurement, logistics and fulfillment, receivables and payments management accounts, and analytics.

Mamlkah.com is now under the foundation and will launch as a pioneer in the e-commerce platform in Oman as a browsing site, offering quotes and easily make commands comfortable in place of the client.

 As one of our goals we will create internal industry experts and our partners with strong fulfillment and customer support to ensure customer assistance at every stage of construction, interior, renovation and renovation of related needs.

Why buy from us?

Right Quality at Right Price: We at Mamlkah.com, choose the best quality products from authorized vendors so that you do not have to worry about the quality of the products to build your dream house. We provide the best quality products and high service levels to ensure your dream home is safe and also ensure best prices that will help save you a lot of money.

Save Time: We also provide all the necessary building materials in a package to simplify your purchases which will not only help you save money but also help you save time by avoiding running around to buy different items multiple numbers of times from multiple sources.

Trusted Suppliers: Mamlkah.com has a stringent vendor screening & empaneling process and governing policies set for vendors to achieve the required product quality and service levels to ensure your protection while buying products from us.